Dominique Piek International Model

Dominique is gracing our shores for a while. This Somerset West beauty currently lives in New York. “It is such an exciting city to be living in,” she says. She has graced the pages of SA’s and USA’s Sports Illustrated. She has worked around the world and lived in Tokyo. “It’s great being in a place where they speak English,” she giggles. The location for the shoot was the Impi – a motor yacht – in Harbour Island in Gordon’s Bay.

The morning was beautifully overcast for the first half of the shoot which bathed Dominique in a softness accentuating the ethereal look we wanted to achieve. Just as we as we did a wardrobe change the sun peaked and changed the look of the shoot. We changed gears and made the little black dress pop and ooze sexiness in the sunlight. Pasella, the TV show, were there too. Dieter Voigt, was presenting and interviewed Dominique. The insert will be aired at the end of February.

On set: Angie Lázaro (photographer); Liebe Calitz (photographic assistant and production assistant); Claire Hills (make-up); Dieter Voigt (Pasella presenter); Jana du Preez (insert director); Brian Seymour (camera); Ganief Stellenboom (sound).


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