Cover shoot in Zimbabwe

When your client is FastJet they can certainly take youAugust 2017 FastJet Cover to see different locations and countries. This time we went to Zimbabwe’s Victoria Falls. We boarded a river boat on the Zambezi river from the Matetsi Private Game Reserve. We wanted to catch the morning light – we were in search of the wisps of pinkness but we got the beautiful morning glow, even though through it all I had a hot water bottle tucked under my jacket – it was bitterly cold. The beautiful Ashley Morgen, Zimbabwe’s Miss Tourism was dressed by South African designer Khosi Nkosi, there were so many outfits to choose from – it is all about options, but the blue dress just did it! It looked so amazing – that’s when you know you have the shot. Read the write-up by ADWeek
Watch the Video:
Here is Places magazine Aug/Sept Issue FastJet_Places_AugSepBehind the scenes

Screen Shot 2017-08-05 at 8.45.44 AM

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Shoots should always be this much fun!

3am alarm goes off in Cape Town. My geyser is broken – succumb my sleepy body to a cold shower. Mango red-eye flight to Jhb. I was almost allocated the jump seat luckily I got to the middle seat at the emergency exit, which was fine, what was not fine was the guy next to me, he was so ADD he could not sit still and even if my eyes were closed he insisted on talking to me. In Jhb, Sherizaan Bassier ((Juice Magazine, Creative director) and I pick up the hire car, we attempt to navigate the spaghetti junction. We arrive at the wrong destination. Back to spaghetti junction. Finally we arrive at ArtEye. “Angie!” I turn on heel, look confused but smile at the jewel blue eyes, ah, I know this pair but, but…. the name escapes me. “It’s Tyrone, from CT you shot a house in Franschoek.” Indeed, interior creative genius, now gallery ‘top-dog’. imgl0547imgl0574

The stage was set – blue skies was painted on a backdrop, the model eager to be painted – blue, props – serious art pieces, a welcome drink – delish coffee and croissants. Aaand then there was my favourite tv crew: Denis Sumo, Sam Fani and director Nerine Janse van Rensberg from the Expresso Morning Show.
The excitement was contagious and the laughing started immediately. It was pure madness. In-between I would rush off to the main gallery to drool over the amazing art work donning the space – eyes darting but not enough time to just immerse into the spectacular talent all around.img_9676


Our gorgeous model Angelique Carlinsky – we had met on the Durban Mango Airline shoot where we almost blown away. Today she was looking rather blue. Renowned artist Welcome Danca. Mixed various tones and painted Angelique contouring the body’s undulations. Wow, she was quite a sight to behold. Interviews and catch-up conversations were all happening simultaneously. Adjusting and readjusting the set, adding, removing and replacing and more tweaking. Miss Blue underwent a few more tweaks – ready, and go! Shoot, shoot. And ABBA tracks blasted the shoot into another dimension, oh my hat, more singing more laughing. Oh, the wig, lets try Miss Blue with black hair – I nearly fell over in hysterics. I snapped a few pics and showed Angelique, we cried – ooops the face paint was cracking!mangopaintinblue1144


What a magic shoot – it couldn’t be more fun or a more successful shoot.
Thank you Hein Keiser,Head of Communications and Corporate Affairs – Mango Airlines
My biggest surprise was seeing creative genius Tyrone James Selmon!
00_Cover_2.indd Click here to see us at speed: behindscenes2

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LovePlayTalkIlifa Labantwana has just launched their national campaign, which will continue for a number of years. This extraordinary multi-media campaign’s focus is on the early development of South Africa’s children:

For the billboard aspect of the campaign, the models were earmarked, the brief analysed, and final logistics and details were set in place. On the day, the creative director, Connie Powys, and Ilifa Labantwana’s Radio Manager, Tamblyn Warnasuriya, were flown in.

The photographic shoot took place early on a Monday in Cape Town’s Buchanan Studio. Nikkila Mann started off with hair and make-up, yet keeping it as natural as possible. We had more models and shot options than would be used in the final campaign, but we set off to shoot as many beautiful photographs as possible.

Both toddler-models, Malachi and Luvuyo, added kiddie-fun to the day. Malachi loved the lights and found his superstar calling. We had the Gogo’s (grandmothers) playing with the toddlers – there was so much giggling on set for the aspect of ‘Play’.GranDredscompositeLR


Then of course, we also had a baby, the tiniest little creature. We nestled the baby in the strong arms of Aden and Michael – depicting ‘Love’ of a father. Encouraging fathers to spend quality time with their children.DadBabycompositeLR

The final aspect is ‘Talk’, Connie envisioned the pregnant mother on her side holding her pregnant tummy. Child development starts in the womb, the fetus is able to hear and responds to sounds, from as early as 30 weeks.PregHorizLR

This advocacy campaign is designed to spark discussion and debate. There is also a radio campaign running concurrently on Metro FM, SAFM, Ukhozi, Motsweding and Radio 2000.
Ilifa urges you to take a selfie in front of a billboard and upload it to Facebook or twitter (with hashtag #loveplaytalk). Call into a radio station and talk about it.BillboardComposite

Find out more:
Facebook: MyChildSA
Twitter: mychildsa

The Team on the day:

Photography: Angie Lazaro
Ilifa Labantwana: Sonja Griese, Programme Leader; Svetlana Doneva, Communications Manager; and Tamblyn Warnasuriya, Radio Manager.
Creative Director: Connie Powys
Hair and make-up: Nikkila Mann
Buchanan Studio: Andrew Vulgarellis

#LovePlayTalk Models
Toddlers: Malachi Starling and Luvuyo Zigebe
Grandmothers: Monica Zigebe and Makhulu Klaas
Fathers: Aden Williams and Michael Kondila
Pregnant mother: Del Jossai

Ilifa Labantwana is a national programme which aims to provide implementation evidence, build national capacity and galvanise informed political support for the provision of early childhood development services at scale, focusing on the poorest 40% of children under six.


From left: Tamblyn Warnasuriya, Lisa Cohen, Connie Powys, Svetlana Doneva, and Angie Lazaro. Image on the right: Sonja Griese with Luvuyo and Malachi.

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Lights, camera, Helen!

Forbes Woman Africa magazine

Forbes Woman Africa magazine

It is not every day that you get an opportunity to spend a Sunday afternoon in studio with the Premier of the Western Cape. Helen Zille is a powerhouse in South African politics, a woman with clout and conviction – not everyone likes her but she is the leading force of the Democratic Alliance, the major opposition party to the ruling ANC.

When the editor, Renuka Methil, of Forbes Woman Africa magazine SettingUp 1 commissions you for a shoot and doesn’t reveal who the individual that you will be shooting is, you know it is reasonable to be quietly excited.
Once all the details were in place, all was disclosed.
On a gorgeous day in Cape Town, at a Roodebloem Studio, the shoot was on.

Helen arrived, greeting everyone as she made her way upstairs to the spacious daylight studio.
Beautiful lightweight fabrics, carefully stitched into classic garments, hung on the clothing rail, ready for the Premier to select her preference. Carla Chanquin styled the Premier and put the outfits together from Bodhisattva. Hair and make-up artist, Janine Schouw, kept the Premier looking radiant, without a hairMakeUp 1 out of place. Once ready the Premier was keen to get things moving along.
My assistant, Etienne, and I had set-up the space, the lighting and all things photographic were in place. I started shooting immediately, but after a few frames, the Premier asked if we were done. My brief was to shoot her in different outfits, close-up, full length and lifestyle options. I shot as quickly as possible, but I wanted to make sure that she was happy with the images, so we tweaked garments, accessories, hair, perfected the pose and before we knew it, we were having fun.Computer 1
Quietly behind the scenes, the Forbes Woman Africa journalist and Cape Town Bureau chief Svetlana Doneva ensured that all ran smoothly. She also wrote the engaging article about the Premier in the current, April/May, issue of the magazine.

It certainly was a perfect day in the studio with the dynamic, Helen Zille. In the end it was more about me keeping up with her. We got the shot, several times over!TV 1

The CNBC television cameraman filmed behind the scenes footage and conducted interviews.

My assistant took some great behind the scenes photographs (used here), that is, when he wasn’t: being asked to move that; bring the next thing; and swiftly reading my mind, thus, pre-empting my next request.

This is Part 1 of what happened on the day, we also photographed another individual, but that part will only be revealed once the article has gone to print. (look out for Forbes Woman Africa June/July Issue)

Photographic Assistant and behind the scenes photographer: Etienne Koch
Behind the Scenes video: Wandile Trigger Tonqa, CNBC Africa
Hair and make-up: Janine Schouw
Stylist: Carla Chanquin
Clothing: Bodhisattva (Yumnaa Firfirey)
Forbes Journalist and CNBC CT bureau chief: Svetlana Doneva
In Jhb – Forbes Woman Africa, editor: Renuka Methil and art director: Kristijan Srsa
Helen 1

Etienne Koch & Angie Lazaro: the photographic team

Etienne Koch & Angie Lazaro: the photographic team

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Kia Johnson

Dynamic Kia Johnson is a South African radio and television personality – her enthusiasm and vivaciousness is contagious. KiaJohnsonShe currently hosts a show on Radio 2000 (Saturday Night Live from Cape Town). I first met Kia on the television set of the Expresso Breakfast Show (SABC3). A few years later; and now on her second pregnancy. The mother-to-be never looked more radiant. This was essentially a pregnancy shoot, shot at her home. We turned the lounge upside down – rigging backdrops and moving furniture.
The shoot is a celebration of her growing family. I shot beautiful and tender moments between her and Branny.
We wanted to keep it natural, yet beautiful – nothing contrived. I used a black backdrop as well as a large white skrim diffusing a studio flash, creating a backdrop of soft ethereal light.

Most recently, Kia has been producing a series of ‘Preggie Self-Defence – Protecting Mom & Baby’ videos with Quentin Chong from Dragon Power Muaythai, MMA & Fitness Centre.

Kia with Shanaaz Alexander - Hair & Make-up Artist

Kia with Shanaaz Alexander – Hair & Make-up Artist

Kia, amongst her many talents, is also a Motivational Speaker.

Thank you Shanaaz for the perfect make-up.

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Cover: Jeep Trailhawk

When Jeep Digital South Africa give you a call to photograph their cover, you quietly get a little overexcited.

Jeep Digital Magazine Cover

Jeep Digital Magazine Cover

Obviously, this means I will be shooting a Jeep – and since I am such a fan I’m thinking, pick me! You have come to the right place. Jeep Trailhawk
The shoot involves the new Trailhawk. I am virtual-chandelier swinging while I compose myself. The brief: take the Trailhawk to an outdoor location, where there is a dam or close to a water body and set up a leisure activity such as fishing. ‘Sure, no problem,’ I say, with my mind racing to all corners of the nearby landscape.
The Trailhawk is in Johannesburg. I set-off to do some research and to find the best spot. There is a tight deadline, so it will have to be done at the weekend. Do I mind, not at all I will just have to turn it into a getaway adventure. There is pressure, of course, to find the right location and to meet the client’s expectations. After eliminating most of the Johannesburg outdoor natural dams and leisure spots I realize the best place will be the Vaal River.
I collect the Trailhawk – what a magnificent beast; pack camping chairs; fly-fishing gear; blow-up boat; oars and anything else that I think may work to set the scene. A model will be required, so ‘husband’ is also packed in with a myriad of wardrobe options. We book overnight accommodation at Stonehenge river-side lodge in Parys. With just an idea and an awesome challenge, we set off. Arriving after dark on the Friday night. We have to wait until the morning to scout. We get up at sunrise and explore. Miraculously, without our knowledge Stonehenge has the best access to the river. We can reach the water’s edge with the Trailhawk – fantastic. Lodge


Location planning

Inflatable boat
The sun is rising fast, so we will have to wait until the late afternoon for ‘softer’ light. There is another little glitch, we need permission from the lodge management to shoot there. If allowed, we will have to drive past their pool on their perfectly manicured lawn. We are apprehensive, holding thumbs we approach the front desk. Excited and relieved at getting the nod we are even more convinced that this is the perfect spot. We will have to wait until the light shifts and the sun drops lower. We don’t stop there, we go on to explore the length of the river, just to make doubly sure there isn’t another appropriate place.
Convinced we landed the best location, we have the car cleaned and start prepping for the shoot. I set-up two possible angles, but because the light will change quickly as it nears sunset, I will have to work fast to ensure I get both options. We park the car, and move it this way and that, once I am satisfied it is the best angle, we mark the area so we can re-park the Jeep in exactly the same place when the time comes. We inflate the blow-up boat, sort out the props, decide on the ‘wardrobe’ and the positioning of the items for both options. We patiently wait until the sun starts setting. We start with the first set-up, including options with and without my ‘model’ in fly-fishing-action. I have to ensure that we don’t leave anything in the shot that shouldn’t be there, that the Trailhawk windows are closed, that there are not fingermarks anywhere, that we shoot with the vehicle lights on and off – I make sure I have all the options. As the light starts dimming we move the car to the second set-up. The sun is about to set behind the mountain, just beyond. I am running back and forth trying to perfect all the elements in the shot, instructing the ‘model’ and then, at the last minute I decide to bring the chair closer to the camera.

The insects are, now, out in full force. Before I know it, darkness engulfs us. We pack quickly. Headlights on, one last look around – the area is as it was when we arrived. Back in the Trailhawk we head off home, feeling rather satisfied. Fighting insectsWorking itAngie Lazaro

Thank you to:
Stonehenge in Africa, Parys
+27 72 616 1263

Jeep Digital Magazine
Editor: Jazz Kuschke

Christelle Grobler
Narrative Media

Richard Sloman
Media Liaison Manager
Chrysler South Africa (Pty) Ltd

Johan Odendaal
Model & assistant

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Beauty with Bailey

My friend Nikkila and I had been speaking about doing a beauty shoot, to try new make-up techniques (Nikkila Mann, is a top South African Hair & Make-up artist). We have worked together so many times, during Top Billing fashion and cover shoots, corporate shoots, and our own creative inspirations. We totally love working with fabulously talented people and we just adore Bailey Schneider, so the idea was set. Bailey is not only an on-air personality and television presenter but she is extraordinarily beautiful and an amazing person.
She was so keen, when we suggested doing the shoot, that from that second we sent inspirational images back and forth the excitement started building. We decided on 4 looks for the day.
We started off with a dreamy look, mimicking daylight for the face but maintaining the interior mood and coziness. I borrowed a friend’s lampshade to give the scene a sense of luxury, I then covered the white wall behind with a dark blue card and blocked off the window. I bounced the light just in front of Bailey to get the soft fall off to highlight her features.
We then got working on the swirl-lollipop idea, I took out my sun hat, my earrings, flowers and wham Nikkila pulled that look together so spectacularly. Bailey was having so much fun, she looked quite like a care-free Marilyn Monroe.MarieComposite
Then came the pièce de résistance, our Marie-Antoinette epic hairstyle look. I wanted to add a bit of drama but also maintaining the softness and a slight vintage essence. What a dramatic image. We were on such a creative high.BaileyFacebook
Lastly, Nikkila worked on the make-up Splash & Drip look. Wow, that was tricky, but under the hands of a pro it worked out perfectly, she made a paper mask to limit the splash area. The initial paint was orange, but we both felt it would seriously pop if we changed it to yellow – well, my job as retoucher was set. Before digital imaging took hold in the 90s, there was very little retouching. As a photographer I am the retoucher too, possibly because I am such a perfectionist and know exactly how things should look. The key is to shoot it as perfectly as possible, do more on shoot to get it just right and do less repro afterwards.

This is Bailey’s blog entry of the shoot: Mann, Bailey Schneider, Angie LazaroFrom Left: Nikkila Mann, Bailey Schneider and me (Angie Lazaro).

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O Fashion Awards

Marie Clare wearing Callaghan for Oprah Magazine. Photography: Angie LazaroI absolutely adore fashion, it may possibly have something to do with my first career as a fashion designer. Shooting fashion combines two of my passions – what a treat.
This shoot was for South Africa’s Oprah Magazine, my ultimate favourite team. I was shooting their O Fashion Awards editorial – 10 pages of fashion favourites.
Part of the shoot was the opening cover for the spread, with none other than the gorgeous Marie Clare. A stunning presence and so much energy, it was infectious. I, obviously, over-shot this series. She made the flowing royal purple gown, a Nicole Miller at Callaghan Collezioni, come alive. O Magazine’s fashion editor, Leila Petersen Gallant, styled three looks: paired with gold accessories; a cream blazer; or colour-blocked it against red and blue.
The essence of luxury and passion from this royal hue went up on the glamour charts with an on-trend edge.

Model: Marie Clare Moda Models
Fashion Assistants: Raaziqa Majiet, Thoki Thafeni
Hair & Make-up: Jade Leggat

Photographer’s assistant: Ian Muller
Dress – Nicole Miller at Callaghan Collezioni; Cream melton Jacket – Hugo Boss; Blue blazer – Truworths; Earings and clutch – Accessorize; Strappy heels – Zara; Red heels – Aldo.

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My moments with Mandela (5 December 1999)

My Mandela Day

My Mandela Day

Fourteen years ago, equipped with my Masters degree in Journalism from Rhodes University. I moved with high expectations to Cape Town with only a volunteer job and an interview. My task as a volunteer was to run the daily Vukani (Awakening the Spirit) newspaper, which appeared as an insert in the Cape Times. It reported on the 1999 Parliament of the World’s Religions’ weeklong events. A few days into editing, writing and shooting for Vukani, I went to the unveiling of the Peace Pole on Robben Island. “The Sunrise Peace Pilgrimage” started early on the Sunday morning. I boarded the ferry and watched Table Mountain recede; the choppy seas finally took me to the surprisingly barren looking island. Before the peace pole was erected I visited Mandela’s prison cell, it was small, bleak and so empty – almost hollow. It was incomprehensible to even imagine what it may have been like to have spent 18 years within those prison walls. The Peace Pole with the words: “May Peace Prevail on Earth” in English, Zulu, Xhosa and Afrikaans was blessed and was witnessed by more than 300 dignitaries.
That evening I arrived early at the Good Hope Center Arena, along with an array of newspaper photographers. Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela would address the plenary and was due to receive two awards that night. We were told that only two photographers would be allowed backstage. The excitement was palpable. I was taken aside by the organizer and asked if I wanted to shoot backstage. The other photographers were not impressed as I was unknown in the newspaper world. Mr Mandela arrived backstage with his bodyguards, I asked the organizer if I could meet him. The bodyguards were relentless and would not let us near him. I spotted Ebrahim Rasool (ANC’s Western Cape leader at the time), I had had a good interview with him the previous day, so I decided to ask him to introduce me to Mr Mandela. He swiftly took my arm and ushered me past the staunch bodyguard. There I was in-front of ‘Madiba’, he shook my hand and we chatted. I had him all to myself for a few minutes; it felt as if time stood still. It was dark backstage but his presence filled the space. The rest of the evening was a blur, I photographed ‘our’ hero but my student-equipment felt inadequate. I was the only backstage photographer that day.

The morning of December 5, 1999 I visited Mandela’s Robben Island prison cell, by the evening I shook his hand and 14 years later to the day, I am saddened to say: “Good night, Tata”.

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Shift4Ward Magazine

Shift4Ward Career Magazine

Shift4Ward Career Magazine

4Ward! Is a vibrant free digital magazine for graduates and young professionals in the world of work.The article appeared in their 3rd issue of 4Ward Magazine.

4Ward! Article

4Ward! Article

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