Beauty with Bailey

My friend Nikkila and I had been speaking about doing a beauty shoot, to try new make-up techniques (Nikkila Mann, is a top South African Hair & Make-up artist). We have worked together so many times, during Top Billing fashion and cover shoots, corporate shoots, and our own creative inspirations. We totally love working with fabulously talented people and we just adore Bailey Schneider, so the idea was set. Bailey is not only an on-air personality and television presenter but she is extraordinarily beautiful and an amazing person.
She was so keen, when we suggested doing the shoot, that from that second we sent inspirational images back and forth the excitement started building. We decided on 4 looks for the day.
We started off with a dreamy look, mimicking daylight for the face but maintaining the interior mood and coziness. I borrowed a friend’s lampshade to give the scene a sense of luxury, I then covered the white wall behind with a dark blue card and blocked off the window. I bounced the light just in front of Bailey to get the soft fall off to highlight her features.
We then got working on the swirl-lollipop idea, I took out my sun hat, my earrings, flowers and wham Nikkila pulled that look together so spectacularly. Bailey was having so much fun, she looked quite like a care-free Marilyn Monroe.MarieComposite
Then came the pièce de résistance, our Marie-Antoinette epic hairstyle look. I wanted to add a bit of drama but also maintaining the softness and a slight vintage essence. What a dramatic image. We were on such a creative high.BaileyFacebook
Lastly, Nikkila worked on the make-up Splash & Drip look. Wow, that was tricky, but under the hands of a pro it worked out perfectly, she made a paper mask to limit the splash area. The initial paint was orange, but we both felt it would seriously pop if we changed it to yellow – well, my job as retoucher was set. Before digital imaging took hold in the 90s, there was very little retouching. As a photographer I am the retoucher too, possibly because I am such a perfectionist and know exactly how things should look. The key is to shoot it as perfectly as possible, do more on shoot to get it just right and do less repro afterwards.

This is Bailey’s blog entry of the shoot: Mann, Bailey Schneider, Angie LazaroFrom Left: Nikkila Mann, Bailey Schneider and me (Angie Lazaro).

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