Shoots should always be this much fun!

3am alarm goes off in Cape Town. My geyser is broken – succumb my sleepy body to a cold shower. Mango red-eye flight to Jhb. I was almost allocated the jump seat luckily I got to the middle seat at the emergency exit, which was fine, what was not fine was the guy next to me, he was so ADD he could not sit still and even if my eyes were closed he insisted on talking to me. In Jhb, Sherizaan Bassier ((Juice Magazine, Creative director) and I pick up the hire car, we attempt to navigate the spaghetti junction. We arrive at the wrong destination. Back to spaghetti junction. Finally we arrive at ArtEye. “Angie!” I turn on heel, look confused but smile at the jewel blue eyes, ah, I know this pair but, but…. the name escapes me. “It’s Tyrone, from CT you shot a house in Franschoek.” Indeed, interior creative genius, now gallery ‘top-dog’. imgl0547imgl0574

The stage was set – blue skies was painted on a backdrop, the model eager to be painted – blue, props – serious art pieces, a welcome drink – delish coffee and croissants. Aaand then there was my favourite tv crew: Denis Sumo, Sam Fani and director Nerine Janse van Rensberg from the Expresso Morning Show.
The excitement was contagious and the laughing started immediately. It was pure madness. In-between I would rush off to the main gallery to drool over the amazing art work donning the space – eyes darting but not enough time to just immerse into the spectacular talent all around.img_9676


Our gorgeous model Angelique Carlinsky – we had met on the Durban Mango Airline shoot where we almost blown away. Today she was looking rather blue. Renowned artist Welcome Danca. Mixed various tones and painted Angelique contouring the body’s undulations. Wow, she was quite a sight to behold. Interviews and catch-up conversations were all happening simultaneously. Adjusting and readjusting the set, adding, removing and replacing and more tweaking. Miss Blue underwent a few more tweaks – ready, and go! Shoot, shoot. And ABBA tracks blasted the shoot into another dimension, oh my hat, more singing more laughing. Oh, the wig, lets try Miss Blue with black hair – I nearly fell over in hysterics. I snapped a few pics and showed Angelique, we cried – ooops the face paint was cracking!mangopaintinblue1144


What a magic shoot – it couldn’t be more fun or a more successful shoot.
Thank you Hein Keiser,Head of Communications and Corporate Affairs – Mango Airlines
My biggest surprise was seeing creative genius Tyrone James Selmon!
00_Cover_2.indd Click here to see us at speed: behindscenes2

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