When the camera turns on you!

I was blasted into the past, almost to a different time – the time of the medium format trannie – with this image.

Angie Lazaro in Meditation

Angie Lazaro in Meditation

Those were my Farilady days. I was the Picture Editor/ Photographer at the time. The magazine was running an article on meditation. At that stage the magazine preferred to photograph their own images instead of plucking them from picture libraries. My best was to conceptualise and come up with ways of illustrating the various articles.

This shot, was taken by my assistant – I was the ‘model’.
The process: Set-up the shot then once into position, either get someone to trigger, or use a remote trigger.
On the day, the stylist, Danny Toua, and the picture researcher, Kelly Smith, with a large super-heavy picnic basket containing all the camera equipment necessary sneaked into the forest. It was a last minute picture request so we didn’t have the luxury to arrange a permit. Riddled with guilt we pretended to go for a girly afternoon picnic, we smiled and waved as we sauntered past the guard.
This was about 10 years ago, the days of film, when everything was as a little more cumbersome, more difficult to set-up and time consuming waiting for Polaroid’s to develop to check light etc.
The glare effect was added later during post-production.

After all this time, I still like this shot!

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