Pretty, Dirty, Rich

There is something particularly exciting and challenging about shooting fashion with models on location. Usually the weather conditions are not the same as when you first scouted the location, so its important to readjust and switch into a different mode (not wish for what you don’t have, but work with what awaits you).

It was a perfect day at the poolside. The swimwear was stunning and the models were gorgeous and so much fun! I have had a fair amount of shoots with inexperienced models and that makes a shoot harder and frustrating. Directing the model and pre-empt every pose takes the photographer’s focus away from creating real magic. It’s great for me to see how the model moves, and then see what is unfolding and then capturing shape, form, light, shadow and expression in the right combination to create the mood.

Our male model is from Brazil, he definitely worked his Latin look. Our female model, is South African and had featured in Sports Illustrated, and knew just how to work her body. The shoot had a sultry yet a tangible filthy rich feel.

Alexis Chaffe (fashion editor), had selected some interesting costume jewellery to finish off the looks. We had Carl Isaacs on board doing the hair and make-up. It was fresh, with such great colour. The TV crew joined us for a day in the sun and shot behind the scenes footage. Not only did they do their interviews and filming but I gained a few more assistants, holding reflectors and adjusting this and that.

Shooting in midday sun in South Africa has it’s challenges. The harsh black shadows can either work against you or with you, depending what you do and how your decide to shoot the fashion story.

I shot in straight sunlight, some dappled light, some reflected light and against the sunlight. Even though I used the light differently it is important to make sure the editorial reads as one story and not just stand alone images.

Photography: Angie Lazaro
Photographer’s assistant & behind the scenes photographer: Tiro Sauls
Fashion: Alexis Chaffe
Hair and make-up: Carl Issacs
Models: Bruno and Shane, Full Circle Models
Top Billing TV Crew – Insert director: Lars Schwingers; Cameraman: Wimpie Ackermann; Sound engineer: David Minaar

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